This course is no longer offered as a stand alone course.

But it is available as a FREE bonus through the True Colors Membership Program.

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We all long for lazy days at the beach. Now you can escape with a little memory or wish of beautiful coastal days in this fun mini course created by Kellee Wynne Studios.

Seascape Escape is an an easy step by step class to teach you how to paint abstracted cloudy seascapes in a process method developed hand-in-hand with the True Colors program. This is an excellent place to begin if you're new to acrylic painting and want to learn more about your materials and how to begin and end simple landscape paintings. If you're a seasoned artist, there is always something new to discover with ideas and techniques you might not have experienced yet.

We start with the modern primary colors: cyan, yellow and magenta and learn how to mix up a rainbow. The color wheel may seem like an elementary project, but it is a great eye opener to how colors work together. In addition to a step-by-step downloadable PDF there is a complete tutorial on painting the mini seascape in a series. These concepts will be reinforced with additional painting videos of the mini seascapes in action. And because there are always extras with Kellee Wynne Studios, a complete video tutorial of painting the seascape on a larger canvas is being added as a bonus.

Get started today with instant access on an easy to use platform. Once you've registered, this video series is yours to watch, rewatch and enjoy for as long as you'd like until it's "retired" which will be at least a year from now.

For the entire summer of 2018 you can get this e-course for FREE, just use the code SUMMERFORFREE at checkout. (Offer ends August 31st, 2018.)

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Kellee Wynne Conrad
Kellee Wynne Conrad

My childhood was all about running through sculpture gardens and playing in the neighbor's art studios....what was this wonderland? It's undeniable that my upbringing, while somewhat unusual, left me with a strong impression that we can live the life of our dreams through art. That there is magic inherent in living a creative life. My true purpose is to bring that magic back and share it with those who are longing to realize their creative purpose.

While I have had a lot of opportunities to exhibit with local and national galleries, working with emerging artists was what led me to finally fulfill my vision of an art education program. 2017 brought the birth of Color Crush Creative, a thriving, internationally followed online community of color loving artists. It is through this program that I have been able to connect with the hearts and souls of artists around the world, discovering that teaching my love of color and paint is my true calling.